Wage and Hour Law

Clyde Snow’s Labor & Employment attorneys are experienced in helping employers comply with federal and state wage and hour laws and thereby avoid costly litigation. We are knowledgeable on all aspects of wage and hour law, including minimum wage, overtime, independent contractor misclassification, meal and rest periods, child labor, and payroll deductions, among other issues.

We help employers identify optimal compensation structures to reward and incentive employees to provide valuable service to the employer. These structures may include salaries for exempt executive, administrative, or professional employees; hourly wages plus overtime for nonexempt employees; commissions for sales employees; or fluctuating workweek compensation for employees with a variable schedule.

Selecting the optimal structure requires a deep understanding not only of the legal requirements for which employees qualify for the various structures and how to implement them; it also requires a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses. To that end, we listen to our clients and then provide them with the information and recommendations they need to choose the best compensation structures for their businesses.

We also provide wage and hour auditing services for those employers seeking peace of mind that their wage and hour practices are compliant. Our audits include an examination of independent contractor classification, exempt and non-exempt classification, time clock system and usage, wage and hour policies, overtime practices, payroll deductions, recordkeeping, as well as any other issues of concern to our clients.

When litigation arises, we defend employers against wage and hour claims, including in class and collective actions. Our attorneys have experience in state and federal courts, as well as in alternative dispute resolution forums.