Ripple Effect 34: Building a Market

Great discussion with Kristina Ribellia, Founder and Chief Operations Director of Western Water Market. We discuss gaps in the water market and how to build a platform that is useful for water users, professionals, and western water market knowledge.  

Ripple Effect 33: Winter Wildspaces

A good discussion with Todd Walton, Executive Director of Winter Wildlands Alliance, about watershed protection from a very different and unexpected angle. We discuss the importance of organizational effectiveness.

Ripple Effect 32: Knitting it Together

Ted Knowlton, Deputy Director of the Wasatch Front Regional Council, walks us through the complex and critical work  of the WFRC. He highlights the need for integrated planning as necessary for building our best communities. Water, transportation, and community character all play a role in designing the Utah of the future.

Ripple Effect 31: Call to Action

Energetic discussion with Mae Stevens, Executive Vice President and Chair of Signal Water Group. Mae walks us through the contemporary history of federal funding for water projects (spoiler steep decline), water funding trends, and what to look out for under a new Biden Administration. Importantly, she reminds us the need for citizens to call their…

Ripple Effect 30: WCWEP for the Win-Win-Win-Win

GREAT discussion with Devin McKrola from Central Utah Water Conservancy District breaking down the Wasatch County Water Efficiency Project. This truly is an amazing project with so many benefits to the citizens of Utah. Plus we get to water dork out about the Morse Decree!  

Ripple Effect 29: Placemaking

Dave Skuodas from the Mile High Flood District discusses the unique way his agency tackles urban stream challenges and mitigates flooding impacts. As a “placemaker” the District’s multi-disciplinary approach protects people and property while turning urban stream environments into inviting spaces to gather and engage with nature and the community. Really cool projects and a…

Ripple Effect 28: Betting on a Sure Thing?

Brian Jackson of the Environmental Defense Fund walks us through Colorado’s Constitutional Amendment DD and how taxing sports betting has become a new revenue source for water projects. Who knew the pandemic would make table tennis the highest grossing sport for betting – weird and strange times.

Ripple Effect 27: Change for the Better

Fantastic and timely discussion with Dr. Danya Rumore, Director of the Wallace Stegner Center’s Environmental Dispute Resolution Program. Dr. Rumore discusses the need for collaborative efforts to resolve complicated problems and how to move toward a shared vision for the future.  

Ripple Effect 26: Easing the Way Ahead

Crystal Simons of the American Conservation Experience discusses the importance and function of conservation easements as a means of private land conservation and potential applications to the water field.