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Benefits of Hiring an LPP

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner During the COVID-19 Pandemic During this time of not only heightened emotions, there is also an increased financial concern for those dealing with their family law issues and how to proceed in a direction that will work for the immediate needs of their families and their future. What…


Updates from Fourth District Court Regarding Family Law Hearings

In Utah’s First, Second, Third and Fourth Judicial District Courts, domestic commissioners are the frontline of family law cases rather than judges.  Commissioners are judicial officers, who handle divorce, custody, separation, paternity, and grandparent visitation cases.  They review documents filed with the court, hold hearings, review the evidence, and conduct settlement and pretrial conferences.  Commissioners…


Seven Guidelines for Parents Who Are Divorced/Separated and Sharing Custody of Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

On March 19, 2020, leaders of AAML and AFCC came together to develop the following guide for parents who are divorced or separated: BE HEALTHY. Comply with all CDC and local and state guidelines and model good behavior for your children with intensive hand washing, wiping down surfaces and other objects that are frequently touched,…


Custody and Parent-Time Guidelines

There should be no deviation from the normal parent-time schedule unless the child or someone in the child’s home has tested positive for COVID-19. If that is the case, the primary custodial parent should provide documentation of the positive COVID-19 to the noncustodial parent within 24 hours. If positive, parent-time with the noncustodial parent should…


The CARES Act: How It Impacts Individuals and Families

On March 27, 2020, the CARES Act was passed, a $2 trillion stimulus package for individuals, families and businesses. For individuals and families, the Act includes, among other things, payments to individuals and families, expansion of unemployment coverage, changes to student loan repayment, and changes to retirement account rules. Below are a few highlights. For…