Mergers and Acquisitions

Clyde Snow attorneys have significant experience representing buyers and sellers in connection with mergers and acquisition transactions. Their experience ranges from mergers and acquisitions of single unit restaurants to large multinational enterprises with transaction values approaching one billion dollars. The firm has successfully completed mergers and acquisitions of a variety of entity structures including tax free reorganizations, strategic alliances, joint ventures, leveraged buyouts, business restructuring, and spin-offs.

Clyde Snow’s success in handling mergers and acquisitions is due to its core composition (taxation, business law, securities, real estate, employment law, environmental law, contracts, and debtor-creditor relations) and its network of other law firms, investment banking firms, and accounting firms. The firm’s reputation for successfully completing numerous mergers and acquisitions is directly related to its ability to assemble a due diligence and transaction team tailored to complete even the most complex and difficult merger and acquisition transactions.