Fixed Fee Resource Package

At Clyde Snow, we focus on families. Our team provides legal and dispute resolution services where relationships matter. We know getting good results means finding solutions that address the emotional, financial and practical needs of your family. Our focus is on you and the unique circumstances facing your family at a difficult time.

We take an innovative approach to working with our clients in family law and conflict resolution. Included in our offerings is a Flat Rates and comprehensive Resource Package with built-in cost efficiencies from intake through to final resolution.

Flat Rates And Resource Packages

Individual Clients Separating or Divorcing

We often hear clients say they “don’t even know where to begin” when facing a separation. And we know they’re worried about legal fees. We can act as your lawyers in negotiation, collaborative practice and court-connected settlement processes. We focus our considerable experience in helping you work things out – even when emotions are high and you are feeling hopeless.

Diana Telfer has developed an innovative Family Law Resource Package that gives you time with her and a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your work with her team

For a flat rate, you get:

  • An initial meeting with Diana Telfer so she can understand your needs and address those “burning questions” that are keeping you up at night.
  • A comprehensive Workbook that will guide you to consider the important decisions you need to make and to help you better prepare for your work with us.
  • A second meeting (usually 1.5 – 2 hours) with Diana, to work through your more complex questions, identify areas where you need our help and areas you might be able to work out on your own. We will make recommendations for next steps, along with cost estimates and different options for payment – whether based on an hourly rate or a further Resource Package flat rate. It’s your choice!

Our Family in Two Homes is the ideal Resource Package for separating parents who are still raising kids.

Mediation for Separation and Divorce:

As a lawyer/mediator Diana acts in a neutral role to help both you and your former partner work out an agreement of all the issues you need to address. Our Resource Package is intended to build in cost-efficiencies while also preparing both of you to address communication and conflict challenges that often get in the way of the discussions you need to have in order to reach agreement.

Our Family in Two Homes is the ideal Resource Package for separating parents who are still raising kids.

This flat rate includes:

  • A meeting (usually about an hour) with Diana and each of you separately, so you can confidentially express your needs and concerns, ask questions about the mediation process and prepare for the joint mediation sessions. You will also get a list of information to gather – tailored to your family situation.
  • A comprehensive Workbook for each of you to complete privately – on your own time. The Workbook will help you better prepare for the discussions you need to have in joint mediation sessions, including exercises to help you understand your communication and conflict challenges, your shared values and even your “money personality”.
  • A first “joint mediation session” with both of you and Diana (usually 2 hours) where you will begin to work together with Diana to address your challenges.

At the end of the first joint mediation session, you will both be better informed and prepared to work towards agreement, so we can make an informed plan for the best way forward. We will be better able to predict the amount of mediation time you will need, and can work out an additional flat rate, or another payment plan.

Most separating couples need between 2 and 4 joint mediation sessions, but the amount of time will depend on your ability to communicate effectively, gather information and manage conflict. We will help you focus on the best future for your family.