Benefits of Hiring an LPP

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this time of not only heightened emotions, there is also an increased financial concern for those dealing with their family law issues and how to proceed in a direction that will work for the immediate needs of their families and their future.

What is a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner?

An LPP may:

  • Interview a client and determine the client’s needs and goals;
  • Assist a client with completing, signing and filing approved forms with the Court;
  • Inform, counsel, and advise clients of their legal rights;
  • Review legal documents of another party and explain their rights; and
  • Prepare and negotiate settlement agreements.

There are also those cases where the parties already negotiated the terms of their settlement, but they are unsure of the correct legal terms to use in the court documents. Because it is a legal document, the parties want to make sure it is done correctly. Often, mistakes are innocently made using the court forms, which are expensive and difficult to correct.

As mediation is now required in disputed family law matters, an LPP can inform, assist and advise a client in mediated negotiations. Many mediators do not prepare the parties’ final documents after an agreement is reached in mediation. The parties would still have to hire an attorney to draft and file the documents with the Court.

In both instances, an LPP can prepare those documents instead of hiring a lawyer.

While an LPP is not allowed to represent a client in court, an LPP can explain a court order that affects a person’s rights and obligations.

What does that mean for you?

Hiring an LPP is an affordable means to ensure your case is handled correctly and your rights are protected. It will also provide equal access to justice to those who may not otherwise retain an attorney for representation.

If you think hiring an LPP would be a better option for your family law case, please contact Amber Alleman at (801) 433-2437 to schedule an appointment.